Scandinavian inspiration in the creation of mirrors

Imagine a picturesque land where nature still dominates and its untamed beauty creates a unique landscape. Think of a place where the harsh northern light penetrates the soul and the clean, cool breeze brings relief to the body. This is Scandinavia – the land of contrasts, the place that inspires us when creating SESVAN mirrors. […]

Why choose SESVAN mirrors for your bathroom?

Close your eyes and imagine your dream bathroom – an interior that exudes cleanliness and freshness, with a touch of elegance that adds to its unique charm. Mirrors are not only a practical element, but also a design accent that can significantly transform the look of your bathroom. However, are all mirrors suitable for use […]

SESVAN mirror in „Hem Ljuva Hem” magazine!

Exciting news! One of our mirrors with a timeless design has just been featured in the renowned interior design magazine „Hem Ljuva Hem” ! We are extremely grateful and happy for this extraordinary opportunity to present our product on such a wide scale! Our passion for creating unique mirrors is constantly growing and our design […]

“PLAZA KOK&BAD”magazine writes about us!

We are delighted to announce that our mirrors have been included in the long-cherished “PLAZA KOK&BAD” magazine. For us, this is confirmation that all the efforts we put into creating our brand have been recognised by distinguished industry experts. We are delighted that our customers can now see our mirrors in the pages of “PLAZA […]

How can large mirrors transform your interior?

Mirrors in our interiors can serve as both a functional and decorative element. Interestingly, large standing or wall mirrors don’t just have to be a practical accessory in which we look at ourselves. It is clear that a properly selected and placed mirror can optically enlarge or widen a space. However, it is also worth […]

Nilssons Möbler i Lammhult appreciates quality and design

Nilssons Möbler i Lammhult appreciates quality and design. You can find the Sesvan® brand among their many other products from renowned companies. Choose a mirror from the Sesvan® range at Nilssons Möbler i Lammhult – welcome!

We combine beauty with environmental protection: our eco-friendly mirrors

Taking care of the environment has not only become trendy but also a crucial responsibility for all modern businesses. The SESVAN brand takes pride in manufacturing mirrors that not only transform spaces but also contribute to protecting our planet. We would like to share our commitment to sustainability and the measures we are taking to […]

SESVAN in the magazine „Sydväst inspiration”

We are very pleased to announce that the SESVAN brand has been featured in the prestigious interior design magazine „Sydväst inspiration”. It is a special moment for us and an honour that our mirrors have been recognised by this esteemed magazine dedicated to inspirational design and interior design. Our brand has always strived to push […]

We are in the magazine „Vårt Nya Hus”!

This is a landmark moment in the history of our SESVAN brand, as one of our mirrors has just gained prominence in the pages of the prestigious interior design magazine „Vårt Nya Hus”.In „Vårt Nya Hus” magazine, which is full of a variety of articles and home decor inspiration, the presence of our brand is […]

Creating mirrors inspired by nature

In today’s hectic world, it is common to long for nature. We want to feel the tranquillity of the forest, the depth of a lake and the blue sky in our everyday lives. So it’s no surprise that we are increasingly turning to natural sources of inspiration to bring this unique natural harmony into our […]