Beauty and care for nature in your home

Have you ever wondered how the objects we choose for our homes can reflect our care for the planet? Our mirrors are more than decoration – they are our commitment to bringing harmony and beauty into your homes, while respecting the nature that surrounds us. Beauty from nature – our philosophy At SESVAN, we understand […]

Beauty with an eye on the environment

In the current era of interior design, where a sustainable approach is a priority, the search for products that harmonise top quality with environmental concerns becomes crucial. SESVAN, as a renowned brand with premium mirrors, perfectly combines these two values. It offers solutions with exceptional design that do not burden our planet. Timeless design SESVAN […]

SESVAN in “Modern Interiör” magazine

We have great news for our loyal readers! The SESVAN brand has been featured in the latest issue of ‘Modern Interiör’ magazine (No. 4, 2023). This is a unique accolade for our brand, as ‘Modern Interiör’ is known for showcasing the latest trends in interior design. This is a great opportunity to take a closer […]

For love of natural materials and minimalism

As SESVAN, we emphasize naturalness and minimalism. It’s not just a trend for us, but a deep-rooted passion that is the foundation of our unique and inimitable mirrors. Why do we value natural materials and minimalist shapes so much? The answer is simple – for us it’s not just a matter of style, but an […]

SESVAN magic in every mirror!

In the light of the beauty of the Scandinavian landscape and modern design, the SESVAN brand was born, whose mirrors resemble the gentle touch of snow on tree branches on a winter’s day.Inspired by the rawness and balance of nature, we create products that not only reflect the world around us, but also transport us […]

Scandinavian inspiration in the creation of mirrors

Imagine a picturesque land where nature still dominates and its untamed beauty creates a unique landscape. Think of a place where the harsh northern light penetrates the soul and the clean, cool breeze brings relief to the body. This is Scandinavia – the land of contrasts, the place that inspires us when creating SESVAN mirrors. […]

Why choose SESVAN mirrors for your bathroom?

Close your eyes and imagine your dream bathroom – an interior that exudes cleanliness and freshness, with a touch of elegance that adds to its unique charm. Mirrors are not only a practical element, but also a design accent that can significantly transform the look of your bathroom. However, are all mirrors suitable for use […]

SESVAN mirror in „Hem Ljuva Hem” magazine!

Exciting news! One of our mirrors with a timeless design has just been featured in the renowned interior design magazine „Hem Ljuva Hem” ! We are extremely grateful and happy for this extraordinary opportunity to present our product on such a wide scale! Our passion for creating unique mirrors is constantly growing and our design […]

“PLAZA KOK&BAD”magazine writes about us!

We are delighted to announce that our mirrors have been included in the long-cherished “PLAZA KOK&BAD” magazine. For us, this is confirmation that all the efforts we put into creating our brand have been recognised by distinguished industry experts. We are delighted that our customers can now see our mirrors in the pages of “PLAZA […]

How can large mirrors transform your interior?

Mirrors in our interiors can serve as both a functional and decorative element. Interestingly, large standing or wall mirrors don’t just have to be a practical accessory in which we look at ourselves. It is clear that a properly selected and placed mirror can optically enlarge or widen a space. However, it is also worth […]