Why choose SESVAN mirrors for your bathroom?

Close your eyes and imagine your dream bathroom – an interior that exudes cleanliness and freshness, with a touch of elegance that adds to its unique charm. Mirrors are not only a practical element, but also a design accent that can significantly transform the look of your bathroom. However, are all mirrors suitable for use in a wet bathroom environment?

As a PREMIUM mirror brand, we are well aware that choosing the right mirror for your bathroom can be a bit tricky. That’s why we would like to reassure you about the durability of our mirrors even in a demanding bathroom environment.

Suitable IP classification for bathroom mirrors

Mirrors hung in bathrooms should be made according to IP44 classification. What does this mean for you as a customer?
The IP44 classification guarantees that the mirrors are impervious to moisture , which translates into safety and a longer lifespan. As a result, you are investing in a product that will please your eye for many years, maintaining its quality and aesthetics.
SESVAN mirrors are designed and built to be durable and safe, even in a humid bathing environment.

Are SESVAN mirrors suitable for use in bathrooms?

All our mirrors, with the exception of the Hornavan model , can be hung in bathrooms.
Carefully designed to meet strict safety standards , makes them the perfect choice for your bathroom.
Whether you’re looking for a modern, minimalist look or a more classic and elegant style, the SESVAN brand has a range of mirrors that will meet your needs in terms of both appearance and functionality

We constantly strive to introduce innovative technologies that improve the functionality and aesthetics of our products. As a result, you can enjoy not only a perfect reflection, but also additional functionalities, such as LED lighting in warm or cold colours with intensity change via a touch switch .

The use of a heating mat prevents vapour buildup and the formation of stains, guaranteeing long-lasting image clarity.

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