Also in our creative design team there are those who create our brand from scratch. Patryk and Paweł make up the visual side of Sesvan. At first, the founders had a wonderful vision, that the brand would symbolise a swan on the water, gliding across a perfectly smooth and glistening surface, constantly in touch with its own reflection. This wonderful inspiration prompted us to create product names associated with Sweden’s lakes and rivers.

Anni Pitkäjärvi

Is originally from Jyväskylä, the central part of Finland. She has graduated as an interior architect and furniture designer from Aalto University. Anni has worked with wide range of projects from spaces to furniture and products in her career. Since 2015 Anni has worked together with Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä under the name of Studio Finna. 

Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä

Grew up in Kemi, a small town in the northern part of Finland. Having an ar­chitectural background she also studied design at Aalto University. During her professional career she has been working from architectural projects to furniture and product designs both in Finland and abroad. Since 2015 Hanna-Kaarina has been running Studio Finna together with her colleague Anni Pitkäjärvi.

Patryk Kościelniak

Creative director, designer, and film director who has won multiple awards, for instance in Cannes, New York and London. His motto is “Give me the freedom of a tight brief”. In Sesvan’s case, this has worked perfectly. Patryk is responsible for devising names, identification, and the look of the brand, working closely with Paweł Klein

Paweł Klein

Photographer, cameraman, but also a lecturer and great thinker. A distinguished expert on interior design sessions, but also an excellent director of photography. A person with a huge amount of energy, who is unstoppable.