The Quality

TRUST due to quality.

Quality is something that exists in all the spheres in which SESVAN is active and is a factor in everything we do. It is the foundation of new concepts and decisions.
Efficient quality management, production in our own certified facilities, transparent norms, tests, and of course employees who are committed and care about quality.
All of these elements are a guarantee that quality is kept consistently high, and are a firm basis for the trust put in the brand.

We use MIRALITE® PURE– exceptional quality and durability  mirror glass manufactured by Saint Gobin.
It  offers high level of light and neutral reflection invaluable to interior design.
Increased transparency and a clear, bright shade guarantees pure and vivid colours regardless of the lighting conditions.

The SESVAN brand is synonymous with design and quality.


Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.
Because we believe in the high quality of our products and quality of service, we provide a two to five-year guarantee. If any defects are found in manufacture or materials, we replace the faulty elements free of charge.


Modern product and business require respect for the protection of nature and its resources.

We are nature friendly – it means, that we make all possible efforts during manufacturing , packaging and transport to protect the environment.

All materials used for mirrors are recyclable, certificated acc. European regulations.

MIRALITE® PURE-combines superior quality with unique environmental performance (no lead is added to the protective paint and the use of solvents is kept to a minimum).

Also, the packages, are made of 100 % biodegradable  recycled cardboard.

Reducing the distance between manufacturer and the customer, lowers the environmental impact.

Constantly working on minimizing our impact on the environment, we want to show our responsibility and contribution to protect the earth for the future.