Sesvan catalogue

Sesvan Catalogue EN v2

Maintenance instruction

We use different materials glass-mirror, wood, lacquered mdf, anodized aluminum,powder coated metal, so we recommend to respect and follow cleaning instruction, which keeps your product valid for many years.

Cleaning mirror – use a soft, water damp cloth and then wipe dry with a soft clean cloth. In case of stronger local dirt, use a commercially available mirror glass cleaner.

Be careful-do not to spray other surfaces ,when cleaning the mirror, as you may damage them.

Do not allow any liquids (water, cleaning spray) to remain in the cavities.

Surfaces such as wood, lacquered, anodized aluminum, powder coated metal should only be cleaned with a soft cloth (dust removal) and in exceptional cases with a water damp cloth.

Always leave all surfaces dry.

Maintenance instruction

Check the hanging system before mounting (is it suitable for your wall material: plasterboard, concrete, brick, etc.).

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