SESVAN magic in every mirror!

In the light of the beauty of the Scandinavian landscape and modern design, the SESVAN brand was born, whose mirrors resemble the gentle touch of snow on tree branches on a winter’s day.
Inspired by the rawness and balance of nature, we create products that not only reflect the world around us, but also transport us to a northern land of peace and harmony. It’s about moving away from excess, focusing on substance and enjoying the simple things.

We are inspired by real history

We want to convey a piece of what carries elements of Scandinavia’s history and traditions in SESVAN mirrors. This is why our mirrors are characterised by simplicity of form and inspiration from the natural structures and rich cultural heritage of the region.

They are not just mirrors. It is a story of tradition that permeates anyone who appreciates the beauty of simplicity and the depth of history. SESVAN is a journey through the Scandinavian landscape, where each product is like a white page from a notebook, ready to be filled with new stories. Everyday moments captured in the soft glow of glass. This unique combination makes each of our mirrors unique and penetrates deep into each one.

SESVAN mirrors are like magic windows through which you can see everyday moments captured in the soft glow of glass. They highlight emotions and the surrounding atmosphere, creating a unique array of memories.

Invest in European quality

SESVAN is a guarantee of European quality. Based on minimalist forms, we strive to meet our customers’ expectations while maintaining the highest standards of production and quality control.

Our mirrors are not just an aesthetic addition to your space. It is an investment in durability and enduring beauty that will accompany you for years to come. Experience European quality at its finest. Let timeless beauty stay with you for a long time.

We base our production on sustainable development practices and each design is carefully considered by our talented designers. We are committed to making designs that are both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Discover the unique charm of SESVAN mirrors!