How can large mirrors transform your interior?

Mirrors in our interiors can serve as both a functional and decorative element. Interestingly, large standing or wall mirrors don’t just have to be a practical accessory in which we look at ourselves. It is clear that a properly selected and placed mirror can optically enlarge or widen a space. However, it is also worth paying attention to the aesthetic and decorative qualities of mirrors. This role is particularly fulfilled by large mirrors, placed in elegant and minimalist frames.

Large mirror as an interior design element

Large mirrors are a versatile interior addition, suitable for all types of rooms, regardless of size. They are perfect for both large spaces and more intimate ones, such as bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, living rooms and dressing rooms. They will find their place in modern and classic interiors.

In order to use the full potential of a large mirror in an interior design, its shape and orientation should be selected appropriately, depending on the place where it is to be placed and its intended function. A horizontally oriented mirror works well above a bed, sofa or chest of drawers, while square or round models look better above a dressing table. The choice of shape can also be related to the overall style of the arrangement: round mirrors will fit perfectly in interiors where round and soft elements dominate, while those with a horizontal orientation and rectangular shape fit in interiors with straight lines.

Vertical mirrors in the form of rectangular panels are an excellent choice for placement on hallway walls or as a wardrobe accent, fulfilling both a practical and decorative function.

How to arrange a large mirror in an interior?

What is reflected in the mirror is also important. Potted plants, various decorations and intriguing pictures look beautiful. An image reflected in a large mirror with a beautiful frame is an additional decoration that gets a new setting. It is a good idea to provide an interesting reflection in the mirror, for highlighting selected decor elements. This is a quick and easy way to subtly rearrange a space.

When it comes to using large mirrors in interior design, it is worth experimenting with lighting and light play. A properly lit mirror and the light reflected in it will give the space an extra glow, illuminating the interior.

It is extremely important to bet on the highest quality mirrors, where the glass provides high levels of light and neutral reflection. This is what we use in the production of SESVAN mirrors. MIRALITE ® PURE mirror glass manufactured by Saint Gobin guarantees clear and vivid colours regardless of the lighting conditions. You are thus investing in quality and durability for years to come.


Large mirrors are a versatile and striking addition to interior design, capable of transforming any room. They not only optically enlarge and illuminate the space, but also add elegance to it. Appropriately chosen shapes and orientations of mirrors allow them to be adapted to different types of interiors and design styles. Unquestionably, in order to enjoy the full potential of large mirrors, it is worth investing in top-quality products, such as SESVAN mirrors, which provide clear reflection and durability for years to come.