SESVAN in the magazine „Sydväst inspiration”

We are very pleased to announce that the SESVAN brand has been featured in the prestigious interior design magazine „Sydväst inspiration”. It is a special moment for us and an honour that our mirrors have been recognised by this esteemed magazine dedicated to inspirational design and interior design.

Our brand has always strived to push the boundaries of traditional design. SESVAN mirrors are not only elements of interior design, but also an expression of our commitment to quality, innovation and the sustainability of our planet. We create each product with an eye for harmony between functionality and aesthetics, while placing an emphasis on protecting the environment.

Being in the pages of „Sydväst inspiration” magazine gives us the opportunity to share our mirrors with a wide audience of design and interior design enthusiasts. It also proves that our mirrors can become an inspiration for many people looking for unique solutions for their homes or flats.

The interior design magazine „Sydväst inspiration” is where you will find many articles and interior design inspiration to help you create beautiful and functional spaces. Now, thanks to the presence of the SESVAN brand in this magazine, you have the chance to get to know our products and appreciate their unique design and workmanship.

We are extremely proud to have our mirrors featured in „Sydväst inspiration” magazine and we already invite you to explore our collection of ‘small works of art’. We would like to thank the editors of the magazine for including our brand and our products, and all our customers for their support and trust in us.

For us, SESVAN in „Sydväst inspiration” is another step on the way to inspiring and beautifying interiors around the world.