We are in the magazine „Vårt Nya Hus”!

This is a landmark moment in the history of our SESVAN brand, as one of our mirrors has just gained prominence in the pages of the prestigious interior design magazine „Vårt Nya Hus”.
In „Vårt Nya Hus” magazine, which is full of a variety of articles and home decor inspiration, the presence of our brand is an honour of which we are extremely proud! It is an exceptional accolade that our product has earned a place in such a highly respected interior design magazine.
Our mirrors are not only decorative elements, but also an expression of our commitment to quality, innovation and protecting the planet. All products are created with the idea of harmony between functionality and aesthetics, while taking care of the environment.

The SESVAN brand has always pushed the boundaries of traditional design, introducing unique solutions that allow you to create interiors full of charm and elegance. Our presence in „Vårt Nya Hus” magazine is not only a moment of pride, but also a chance to showcase our values and the beauty of our products to a wider audience.

If you are ready for a journey through the fascinating world of design and are looking for inspiration for your home, be sure to pick up the latest issue of „Vårt Nya Hus” magazine. There you will discover why our mirror was featured in the Swedish interior design magazine. It’s a real treat for lovers of elegant design and high-quality articles for the home, and at the same time a step towards creating beauty with respect for the planet.