We combine beauty with environmental protection: our eco-friendly mirrors

Taking care of the environment has not only become trendy but also a crucial responsibility for all modern businesses. The SESVAN brand takes pride in manufacturing mirrors that not only transform spaces but also contribute to protecting our planet. We would like to share our commitment to sustainability and the measures we are taking to make our operations more environmentally friendly.

The Key Role of Materials in Ecology

Our mirrors are not only exceptional in terms of quality but also in their environmental impact. The importance of choosing the right materials for environmental protection cannot be overstated. The selection of raw materials we use to make our mirrors has a significant impact on our ecological footprint. That’s why we rely on materials that not only meet the highest environmental standards but also contribute to our mission of caring for the planet.

In the manufacturing process of our mirrors, we use renewable and eco-friendly materials, as well as energy from renewable sources. This means that raw materials such as wood and glass come from resources that can naturally regenerate. By choosing renewable materials, we reduce our impact on the depletion of natural resources and help maintain the balance in ecosystems.

We are proud that our mirrors are certified according to European environmental regulations. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that our production meets the highest environmental standards. They guarantee that our mirrors are manufactured with respect for nature and with minimal impact on the environment.

In Harmony with Nature in Every Detail

Our ecological approach is not limited to the choice of raw materials. We also ensure that the entire production process, from painting to packaging and transportation, is as environmentally friendly as possible. We minimize the use of resources and harmful substances in our pursuit of sustainable production and utilize renewable energy sources.

We use MIRALITE® PURE, a unique mirror glass that combines outstanding quality and durability. This not only ensures excellent reflection but also meets our strict environmental standards. MIRALITE® PURE contains no added lead in the protective coating, and its minimal use of solvents makes it one of the most environmentally friendly mirror materials.

We place great importance on local production. Shortening the distance between our factory and the final destination of the product not only saves time and transportation costs but, most importantly, reduces carbon emissions. Our local production is our contribution to climate protection.


We believe that by acting in harmony with nature, we provide our customers with mirrors that are aesthetically pleasing but also give them the sense of making a responsible choice. Our SESVAN is committed to continuing to strive for environmental excellence and ensuring that every detail of our operation aligns with environmental values.