See our mirrors in your home – Try the new 3D function!

Are you thinking of buying, but wondering how the mirror would look in your home? Now you can stop thinking and use our new 3D function! With the help of AR, you can now decorate any space directly on your mobile phone.

AR, or augmented reality, is a viritual world where computer-generated graphics are superimposed on a recorded image or photo of reality. With this smart function, you can see our mirror in your home – even before you have bought the product! All that is needed is an iPhone or Android Phone with safari or chrome browser, then you can start decorate!

To use the service, just follow these simple steps:

1. Look for the AR symbol

Look for a product with the AR symbol. Only a small selection from our assortment has this function.

2. Select AR after pushing the symbol

After pushing the AR symbol on the product page, you will be taken to a 3D view. Click on AR to open the camera and get to the AR view.

3. Scan your space

Hold your phone where you want to place the product. Move the phone accordning to the instructions on the screen to scan the room.

4. Start decorate

Place the product where you think it fits best. You can now enlarge, reduce or move the product as you wish.