Detaljbild kvadratisk LED-spegel med funktionell belysning
LED light
2 618,00 SEK
Anjan is a lake located in Åre municipality. Our mirror with the same name has built-in LED lighting on two sides that symbolizes the small villages that light up the small lake in the dark.
Oval ramlös spegel i vardagsrum
1 012,00 SEK
In Södermanland there is a nature reserve where the small lake Bovik is guarded and protected by Natura 2000. We also protect nature and its resources and have therefore created a frameless mirror of nature-friendly materials with the same name as the small lake in Södermanland.
Unik ramlös spegel i badrum
1 162,00 SEK
A unique mirror with a rounded shape is named Dellen. Inspiration of this mirror name comes from a beautiful lake system that got its rounded shape, when a meteorite hit the earth about 90-110 million years ago.
Detaljbild rektangulär LED-spegel med funktionell belysning
LED light
3 735,00 SEK
A small elongated lake with beautiful light reflections from the sun in the municipality of Åre – This gave us inspiration to make a elongated mirror with lighting with the same name – Holdern.