Detaljbild oval LED-spegel med ambient belysning
LED light
2 588,00 SEK
Moen is a glittering lake in the municipality of Åre that helps fish swim freely – This gave us the inspiration to make a mirror in classic design with modern technology that helps in everyday life.
Oval LED-spegel med funktionell belysning
LED light
5 990,00 SEK
496 meters above sea level located in Jämtland is the small lake Pauten. When the sun lights up the small lake, we were inspired to make a long and rounded mirror with lighting with the same name. The lighting embraces and illuminates the entire mirror in the same way the sun illuminates an entire lake.
Detaljbild svart rund spegel med metallram
3 788,00 SEK
The Swedish lake of Runn, with its multiple islands, is a popular ice-skating spot – there are more than 30 km of skating routes. Our mirrors do not get scratched and are available in two sizes.
Detaljbild rund spegel med svart aluminiumram
2 888,00 SEK
Siljan, in the Dalarna region, is a lake that has a special history, as it is located on the edge of a crater of the same name, created when a meteor struck 377 million years ago. The circular mirrors, of large dimensions, also have a secret – they have added lighting.