Oval LED-spegel med funktionell belysning

PAUTEN, LED illuminated mirror, 500×1600 mm

496 meters above sea level located in Jämtland is the small lake Pauten.
When the sun lights up the small lake, we were inspired to make a long and rounded mirror with lighting with the same name.
The lighting embraces and illuminates the entire mirror in the same way the sun illuminates an entire lake.

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led mirror pauten

LED mirror PAUTEN 500×1600 mm:

Our long and oval LED-illuminated mirror is a Scandinavian design produced in Europe from nature-friendly materials of the highest quality. Pauten is a perfect combination of function and design. With a 3000k functional lighting and clear mirror glass, this LED mirror looks modern and luxurious. Our LED mirror Pauten is an optimal full-body mirror and makes itself beautiful and functional for a long time thanks to the high quality and LED life of over 50 000 hours. Hang Pauten in the hall where it fulfills a function or in any room as a beautiful interior detail.

Special Features:

  • long-lasting LED lighting (framed)
  • LED lifespan over 50 000 hours
  • electrical fittings comply with EU standards

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3D View:

Technical information:

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LED illuminated mirror




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PAUTEN, LED illuminated mirror, 500×1600 mm Inspiration

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